It's you

Showing up like the powerhouse you are

Within an online group setting

To fuel your marketing


Freedom Fighters Collective 


Group Marketing Consulting 




  • Conjur Inspiration like you have never experienced before (without drugs) 

  • Upstage your approach to marketing strategy (or start for those who are rolling their eyes right now) 

  • Clarify your vision + business since overwhelm and cussing at the computer isn't working for you.

  • Accept accountability to get work done --or at least be able to stop drinking a bottle of wine & clicking on all of the Facebook ads claiming their funnel page will solve all of life's problems-- and you're considering it! (NO- JUST...NO)

  • Create and innovate past your barriers. Because let's face it, for those of us who run our small biz- we have to wear hats that fit like a pair of Spanx, worn in summer,  on backward, in one size too small. 

  • Knock out marketing to-dos within a community of visionaries and use the support of the SFM Team. We do global campaigns... we know a little something about knocking out to-dos. And hey-- there is no shame in asking for support- the athletic supporter is proof that recognizing the need for support saves lives. 

You Will

The Intention of the Freedom Fighters Collective is to bring visionaries together to a space with the energy of Alice and Wonder Land but the structure of Google Corporate. Create + Innovate.

Tiffany, CEO

The Structure 

Freedom Fighter Collective Group Calls 

Bi-Weekly, 90-min Zoom Calls

All calls are at 10:00-11:30 CST 

Call Recordings emailed post-call. 

Upcoming calls: 

Oct 2
Oct 16

Nov 6

Nov 13

Nov 27

Dec 11

Dec 18


Collaborative Working Days

Once a month via Zoom 9a -5p CST

We all jump on Zoom and share what we are working on. This will create accountability and utilize the group to help you stay on target for the day and aid you in not getting stuck in your work. The work can be anything on your to-do's that would feel powerful to move forward!  ​The SFM team is on to help batch content, fix websites, create content and brainstorm works flows. 

Upcoming workdays: 

  • October 21st

  • November 11th 

  • December 13th 

Optional Support

1:1 Breakout Session to Batch Content 

Book a 2-hour session with a content expert to batch content for your brand. 

Simple Web Design

Work with a developer to create a basic 3-page website to get your idea and business out in the world. 

Tiffany B

Marketing Strategist

Cultural Anthropologist 

Type 1 Enneagram Survivor 

 Self-Development Addict 

Habitually Bad Speller 

Space Holder


Cost is $500 Per Month 

Does not include the Optional Support Items  

Registration Includes: 

  • A one-hour 1:1 zoom call with an SFM team member to determine what you are looking to get fulfilled and accomplished during your Sacred Freedom Collective participation. That call gifts you a 4-month marketing strategy outline focused on supporting your revenue goals. 

  • Biweekly 90-min Group Calls (recordings available) 

  • Private Facebook Group Access 

  • Once a month co-working days to work through your marketing projects