3 Tips for Lead Generation Marketing

As I ramp up for the workshop starting on Oct 1, I invite you to look at how you organize your leads and the confidence you have on how well you “work” them.

Maybe you’re at a loss of what to say? Maybe you don’t have time? Maybe your following is low or non-existent? Maybe you’re lazy (ok, probably not that one if you’re in my network) BUT—the point is, lead generation is fun, exhilarating, and important.

Who doesn’t like waking up to 40 new followers on social media or 10 new emails asking for your pitch?!

It’s suuuper fun to get to a point where YOU get to interview who you WANT to do business with! It removes the feelings of scarcity and replaces it with a feeling of abundance!

Lean in close…..



Ok, here are my 3 Tips for Lead Generation Marketing.

1. Develop your offer that’s clean, simple and a precise reflection of your biggest revenue product or service.

I tell clients every day, if your followers can’t engage with you every day (I mean STAGE 4 CLINGER type relationship) then they are not left feeling is important. Even if you are a plastic surgeon, your people are addicted to YOU. If you don’t have an offer for people (event, podcast, webinar, a giveaway) then know that you are doing branding marketing, not revenue marketing. I’m not hating on Branding Marketing, in fact it’s really a fun place to hang, but set up funnels for your specific intention. Example: Funnel 1: Purpose- build my brand and my audience. Offer: Click now, enter your information, and get free entry to my__?__. Make sure the ___?___ is a genuine reflection of your business offering linked to your highest revenue item. So don’t giveaway condoms if you are a flower shop (well unless your tagline is “safe gardening”. You understand what I’m driving at here right? There is no one golden nugget. So create ideas for 10-100 funnels and try them on.

2. Organize your leads on why they clicked.

You have a flood of leads and now your inbox is a big, nasty mess. What now? Get a plug-in. Social Funnels should link to a landing page. You can create perfect pages in Mailchimp, upload a contact box to the landing page and set up the list all within mail chimp. Mailchimp then triggers automatic email campaigns from here to eternity. It’s lead nurturing on cruise control. Sales force is another great tool. There are a lot out there, so just try them on. It’s important to organize your marketing to your funnel leads based on their interest because social leads can be slow purchasers unless you give them what they asked for, content-wise.

3. Learn about marketing funnels.

Before you make a funnel, you should learn what it is and how it works. This is one of 27 marketing topics we hit in our upcoming workshop. What better way to geek out on funnel marketing than from your own couch with a glass of wine?

Take the time to build your strategy. May I suggest Monday.com to plug in your funnel campaign to-dos? Learn about marketing funnels. It could be what you have been missing to really grow your brand! Here is a great video on Funnel Marketing from our friend Russell Brunson. It’s an hour, but really great.

If you are ready to participate in 4 weeks of this killer content, register for our workshop HERE or send us an email.

Have an amazing day!

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