Can I get a What, What on your Closing Ability?

With the expansion of social media, I am inundated with tips-and-tricks openly shared about marketing. In one day I can read 100 different theories on marketing and be completely swept away in my creative self. Just this morning I saw a Facebook ad from a company proclaiming that building a massive following through social, podcasts, blogs and content is a waste of time. I have to laugh at the irony of someone posting that through a Facebook ad. But the pulling question is, what is the most powerful tool in the marketing box? Thor’s hammer if you will….

Every single client I have has a different strategy. Although the tools may be similar the machine of the strategy behind marketing is unique business to business. The largest factor I have seen over the past 10 years in building marketing plans for companies is closing. The ability to sell your product anytime, anywhere with clarity and precision is the most impactful tool you have. Every step of your strategy should direct to the “close”. Three years ago the new tactic that emerged was funnel marketing, but what many companies lacked were the systems in which to close people. Entry level employees were still operating from the way of customer service is #1, which is true, but how do we adopt the reality that we need to always be closing? How do we construct our messaging to always be a call to action?

Any marketing training you take will now equip you with lead generation and a clear close. That’s the secrete. And your close needs clarity. Before you click on your 11th marketing ad this week on social media from people telling you that you can sell without social media (isn’t it ironic) I have a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for you.  

I want to provide you a little nugget from my Executive Coaching Series (I know, what a powerful name--- shhhh, it’s the best I could do)

Get a pen and paper and flesh out these questions:

  1. In less than 20 words, what am I selling?

  2. Where are all the places people can engage with my services?

  3. What is one thing I do that no one else can?

  4. Where do I give up on a lead?

  5. Do I, 100% of the time believe in my product/services?

  6. Am I clear on my fees and services?

  7. Here is my power close statement.

Feel free to comment with your answers for some ninja feedback and have a brilliant day.

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