Check Yourself...Get Innovative!

2019 is just around the corner.....

This weekend I was reading a great piece in Breathe Magazine on trying something new. I felt an old familiar conversation coming up in me with my clients and staff on innovation. I always have the talk with my clients about standing out with their uniqueness, their unmatchable service or the big bite that takes them above competition. In marketing there is a whirlwind of places to be innovative and there is a lingering question of when to switch tactics and how long do you wait for a tactic to take flight?

In the article, David James Less, who is a health expert and Taoist monk, suggests to start small in ease and enjoyment. If a tactic feel gross, hard, or draining, I can say with 100% certainty, it’s not your tactic or not the right time for the tactic. Now, it may be the right tactic, but just not the one for you to execute (maybe that’s a place for a company to take the brunt for you).

So how can you be heard in a room full of information overload?

Check yourself with these tips:

  1. Is my offer clear and easy to explain online? In person? In writing? In print?Do I relate to my marketing like a creative place for innovation? <<< Do I even know what that means?

  2. Do I track my stats on wins and fails?

  3. Are there places I can automate any of my marketing workload?

  4. Maybe you outsource and your vendors need an audit?  (if you need tools suggested just reach out)

  5. Is my CRM clean, up to date and targeted?

Believe it or not, this evaluation is the place we start with our clients to check the pulse of the businesses. If you would like us to review your answers and give you some free feedback, feel free to shoot us over your thoughts on the above.

It’s the holidays, in business this is the time to create clarity for your mission in 2019.

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