Do you Deliver Quality User Experience? Psssst- it starts even before they are your client.

To kick things off, there are different ways to examine the User Experience in your business.

Firstly, how does the interaction with you or your staff make people feel? This could be a customer experiencing you or your staff going above and beyond customer expectations , delivered at your establishment or within your brand context.

Secondly, online presence. Do you do a great job with your content? Do readers feel connected to your brand and message when interacting with your online presence? Or, is your content just a filler?

Thirdly, the technology and how we deliver our products or services. Once you have made a prospect into a customer, the way that you deliver your services or products matters. The goal should be overdelivering every time. Therefore, do you understand your prospects expectations well enough to know how to overdeliver?

If you can deliver an end user experience in a heightened form, you’ve created a repeat long-life customer as well as a free marketer!

Creating community matters in your Customer Experience. Its the day we live in!

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Building community is a strong way to build a heightened experience for your users. The reason for this is you can get immediate feedback. The more ways you create immediate feedback opportunities in your business, the more opportunity you have to respond to and manage someone’s upset or concern; or capture their testimonial of a great experience.

Ways to do this include

Facebook groups

Online forums

Live events

and the key is being regular and consistent, building community around your brand or your topic of choice.

When developing a marketing strategy, it is important to keep your user experience top of mind. You do this by sharpening your ability to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. Practice being able to sync into where they are in life, what they’re thinking, what challenges they are facing, what problems they have, and why they are coming to you to solve their issues. When you and your marketing support team can easily connect with your prospects, it gives you the perspective and insight needed to deliver a heightened experience for your customers.

Ask yourself questions such as:

Does my website easily explain what needs to be explained in order for someone to feel connected to my brand?

Does my website allow for ease in transition from topic to topic depending on what someone came for?

Does my social media engage in community with quality content?

Does my social media presence contribute to a person’s life or business?

Can someone easily find me online to engage with me and do business with me?

Do I allow multiple ways for people and consumers to give me feedback on my service or product?

Understanding your user experience is the starting point for developing any marketing strategy that you have. We highly recommend that you grade yourself and your business online based on user experience. If you need help with this, reach out.

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