Is Your Content Bunk? Is AdWords for You?

Happy Friday! Whoooop!

Unless you own your own biz, then it’s more like Happy Passion Day like every day, hopefully…

This morning I was reading a chapter in the book “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron and trying once again to motivate myself to journal 3 pages of free thought every morning. I’ve been looking this week about my own definitions of success for myself, my family and my business and I could see a slide in and out of my conscious thoughts around “am I doing the right thing? ”. In my coaching with my clients, from my small business startups to my million dollar enterprise clients, there is a similar conversation in marketing …. “Am I doing the right thing?”

Sacred Freedom Marketing is currently 100% referral based clientele. However, we are built on a solid foundation of searchability on digital terms so referrals can find us quickly. I’m sharing this to open the confusing conversation about Google AdWords and PCP.

The days of needing Google AdWords expertise is over but there is a catch!

In the “old days” Google AdWords was like throwing money on a roulette table in Shreveport when you're half drunk and you're trying to show your buddy you know what you are doing. It was a BIG gamble.

Now AdWords is for anybody. My nine year old could throw up a Lemonade stand URL and open an AdWords account with their new AI features and it would be a smash. So why then can we not all do that and be millionaires? Is it that our product isn’t good? Is it that our market doesn’t click ads? Most likely, none of these are the case.

With the influx of AdWords gurus, Google decided they would create robot AI that would skim content, session length (how long someone read your website content) and decide if they were going to make you the next Bill Gates. If your advertising is as flashy as Beetlejuice party house (for your delight – enjoy the referenced scene below…), but your content is bunk, then you will not convert and stay alive.

So what’s the key?

Your pages must include dialogue that is engaging, specific, searchable and will keep a viewer on your page for a while.Adding things like video to your web pages may improve session time, adding a quiz tool to your webpage ups the engagement and target your AdWords to URLs that are thick on content.You can kick it up a notch and create unique campaigns that direct to Landing Pages made on Mailchimp that come with a free download so you are feeding your click funnels!Log in to Google AdWords and play with it! It’s built for all to enjoy.
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