Press Release Madness! What's the Secret?

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Yesterday I had so much fun pumping out Press Releases that I thought “EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN THE FUN!”. I want to share with you the hidden world of making your way to Prime Time.

Over the past nine years, I have been aiding with media mission. I have been on 118 television sets, 74 radio shows, countless podcasts, and have distributed over 2,500 press releases. In one of my first marketing career endeavors I worked for a Dallas celebrity with a heart of gold and the media loved him. Since I was the new girl out of college my upper would “send me in the ring”. Through that experience I got to see all of the behind the scenes action and what I learned through that was gold.

Can you buy PR? Absolutely! Do you have $10,000-40,000 a month? If no keep reading, if yes, call me and hire my company please…..

Here are just a few tips I can share so you can dip a toe into getting some solid PR


I have been known to use from time to time. Like all marketing widgets, they will have an option to take more of your money, and you may find, content quality considered, that it’s worth your skrill.  But the free route does work. PRLog is another one. The legend says that they have the largest free national distribution list in the world! Newswire Today is a good one for wide demographic targeting. If you only want to reach specific zones it may be a good option. But make sure your release is news worthy, so run it through these questions: 1) is it something people have read a million times? 2) does it inspire, educate or contribute?


People like to see reality. If you can make a connection by submitting an idea to the local news, they are happy to welcome established experts in the field. BUT, a great way to stand out above the million others is to create a media kit for yourself. Send a video, photos, whatever showcases you the best…. Go with that. Some great places to build your searchability for reporters are Podcasts, Facebook Lives, networking with other folks who are established in the news, contribute free articles for reporters. The key is to be genuine and passionate.


My school of hard knocks has taught me that if you have a bad reputation and you’ve made the news, it’s not the kind of press you want. It’s a typical practice for reporters to look you up online before reaching out. They want reviews and reputation to be inspiring! So manage that! Have review directories and build them up. Reporters want validation. Invite reporters to your events, have a good reputation and you might be surprised who shows up. (If you need a good reputation management tool, ask us for our recommendations.)

Have fun and if this kind of work seems intimidating, give us call to answer any of your burning PR questions.

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