Who's Selling Who? Get Your Reseller Freak On.

Not a day goes by that I’m not recommending a book or product to my clients to enhance their growth. Think of the Amazon Addiction epidemic that we have on our hands. SO MUCH PRIME PRODUCT SO LITTLE TIME! Many of my clients have written their OWN book and have no real active way they are bringing it to the community. Maybe you have a juicy digital download nugget that you think the world could benefit from? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MY WEBINAR ON X, Y, Z.

Well, you can turn all of these into passive income from your website. Affiliate marketing is the fancy term but the flea marketer term is selling products you are passionate about right off of your site and making a buck for what you are already doing. The perk of affiliate marketing is that it helps SEO big time and gives you a powerful way to grow your website traffic.

So, without further ado, I give you the steps and a demo on how to become an Amazon.com affiliate reseller.

Go to this link: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/home

Fill out the needed business info

Go to product linking

Pick your favorite recommended products

Add the HTML links to your website


Amazon is only one of thousands you can add. Most e-commerce businesses want you as an affiliate and if you make a call or search their site, you will find the holy grails!

Above I mentioned selling digital downloads. On your site, you can make your webinar, PDF, images or digital art, sellable downloads. It’s beautiful. You can now market on social your digital goodies and with each purchase have the contact info of someone ready to buy what you have!

Here is my Demo for an Amazon affiliate page >>>> https://www.sacredfreedommarketing.com/shop

The great thing- I love all of these products and recommend them to most of my clients.

That’s the spill, enjoy!

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