Work-Ation Experience


Transform the way you work & vacation with Intention 


June 12-16, 2019 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Conchas Chinas Beach 

5 Days / 4 Nights

(flight not included) 


Includes a 45 min kick off call to support your Work-Ation intentions. 

About You

  • You have a heart of Wanderlust and Exploration

  • You cherish ease and beauty while exploring exotic places. 

  • You have a pull to produce and a commitment to remove all road blocks that stand in the way of you doing your biggest work! 

  • You are lit up by the idea of a summer vacation that feels both playful and productive launching your business or project forward with authenticity. 

  • You are open to learning systems of automation that welcome consistent, strategic marketing flow

  • You LOVE working within a group of innovative and driven individuals. 

  • You have a business that you are ready to produce revenue generating results like never before. 


The Experience + You

This experience was created on my path to personal growth and business development for Sacred Freedom Marketing. I was sitting in my office at 11:45pm when I decided I was done hating on the part of myself that always wants to work and actually finds play in being productive. I love being a working mother to three beautiful girls and a wife to a supportive partner.

While embracing this part of my life, I started integrating it in with ALL of my client work and transformation took off. I have spent the past year of my life retreating while working and have found it a welcome new playground for creation, art, strategy and abundance.

Disrupt the Norm.   

Play in Passion.   

Connect with Productivity.

In this experience you will: 

  • Design a framework for business strategy that supports you AND your business through a 12-month period. 

  • Collaborate and create leveraging my 13-years of experience in Marketing and Market strategy. 

  • Leave clear on what actions you need to take to produce clear results in your revenue or your project. 

  • Design practices that support Life+Business integration taking a Work-Ation mindset into everyday. 

  • Receive training on marketing and business automation tools for fluidity and consistency in your brand. 

  • Receive 15 digital photos of you from The Work-Ation Experience to use in your business. 

  • Brainstorm with industry experts in digital marketing, strategy and art design. 

  • Welcome a new relationship to work productivity that's potent and in alignment with your goals. 

  • Work and play on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

  • Connect with like-minded women. 

  • Soak in the energy of innovation and creation.

  • Relax, play, reconnect with yourself in an accepting community of powerful women. 


The Details  

Day 1: Wednesday, June 12 

Arrive before 5pm to settle in to a private location dedicated to creative work flow. We will enjoy a collective dinner experience connecting on our biggest intentions for the days to come. We will declare what we will launch and execute together. This dinner will be a training on how to infuse your work with intentions to create your most powerful result. 

Day 2: Thursday, June 13 

We will start the day with a beach experience inviting creative energy around content and imagery. (First Photo Shoot) 

After a morning of play and adventure, we will take action on developing powerful content strategy maps unique to your project or business. 

We will finish the day with a fire ceremony & dinner. 

Day 3: Friday, June 14

We will open the day with a beach experience designed to distinguish your needed actions to make big moves in life and business/passion (Second Photo Shoot).

The afternoon will be learning automation and tools for flow in your business and marketing to support your clearly aligned actions.  You will have Content Specialists on hand to implement your vision digitally. 

The evening will close with music movement to get our strategy and actions on the calendar in a way that will support you for a complete year! 

We will have a collaborative dinner experience absorbing the reflective energy of the sunset. 

Day 4: Saturday, June 15

Over Breakfast we will engage in brain dump and creation exercises. 

Beach Excursion on Mindfulness 

Play on the beach (Third Photo Experience) 

Art over Dinner Experience. Harness the energy of Frieda. 

Day 5: Sunday, June 16

Depart after breakfast by 9am stepping into a life that aligns Work + Play with Authenticity. 

Space Limited to 5 Spots 


Influential Women who Created & Innovated through Travel. 

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